Dell and Citrix team up to offer a simple integrated VDI appliance

Dell has been shipping its servers with integrated options for XenServer or VMware ESXi for quite some time. Now, Dell has teamed up with Citrix to offer integrated VDI-in-a-box (Kaviza) as a product offereing.

DVS Simplified deploys as a single-server appliance that integrates Citrix® VDI-in-a-Box software v5.0, Citrix XenServer™ v5.6 SP2 and a PowerEdge™ R710 server.

Additional components and functions include:

  • VDI Manager (VDI MGR) software: Creates and manages virtual desktops on physical servers, manages grid architecture. Runs as a virtual machine and is imported as a .xva or .ovf.
  • Desktop agent (kDA): Agent software that communicates with VDI MGR about user login/logout and virtual desktop health. The agent software resides on each hosted virtual machine.
  • XenServer hypervisor: Hosts all the Virtual desktops (client OS), Apps, kDA Agents, VDI MGR virtual machine. DVS Simplified leverages Citrix XenServer for the appliance hypervisor.
  • Dell PowerEdge R710 server: Houses the virtual desktops. Pre-configured, optimized rack mount R710 servers power DVS Simplified.
    Grid server architecture: Supports DVS Simplified with VDI Manager software that makes it easy to manage and scale.

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