Dell Expands Disk Storage Line With First-To-Market Product

Dell today introduced the PowerVaultTM MD3000, a versatile, direct-attached storage array delivering high performance and high availability for critical applications. The PowerVault MD3000 is the first external RAID SAS array from a tier-one storage system company.

“Direct attach storage is incredibly important to a large number of customers. With its performance and advanced software capabilities, the MD3000 will redefine how customers look at DAS,” said Darren Thomas, vice president and general manager of Dell storage and services. “At Dell, we want to change the economics of storage by providing easy-to-use, highly-capable storage at new levels of affordability.”

The expandability, availability, advanced snapshot and virtual disk copy functionality of the PowerVault MD3000 make it an ideal platform for clustered applications such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. In addition, these applications are including more advanced replication capability in the software itself. The MD3000 complements this by providing easy-to-use and highly-capable storage at a fraction of the price of storage area networks.

Added to this, the PowerVault MD3000 uses dual active/active RAID controllers to enhance performance and availability – producing up to 1,400 MB/s of throughput and approximately 90,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS).1 The throughput performance aids applications such as video services and file serving while the high IOP/s make it ideal for applications with high transactional performance requirements – such as databases and email applications.

Dell Leading with Standards

The PowerVault MD3000 is Dell’s second storage product to comply with the Storage Bridge Bay 1.0 specification. Dell is a founding member of the Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) Working Group that is dedicated to developing industry standards that help accelerate the adoption of new storage technologies and deliver enhanced quality and affordability. Additional information on SBB can be found at

PowerVault MD3000 Features

  • Capacity – Up to 4.5TB per system
  • Expansion – Ability to expand with up to two MD1000 arrays for a total of 13.5 TB2.
  • Two Node Clustering – This is the first PowerVault MD product to support two node clustering providing high availability and fault tolerance for applications or services.
  • Multi-host Capability – Attach up to four Dell PowerEdgeTM servers.
  • Performance – Active/active RAID controllers can produce up to 1,400 MB/s of throughput and approximately 90,000 IOPS from cache. This is nearly twice the throughput of the PowerVault MD1000.3
  • Redundant Architecture – The direct-attached storage array uses two active/active RAID controllers with mirrored cache and I/O multi-pathing capabilities to help ensure processing continues without interruption. Also includes hot-pluggable,redundant power supplies, cooling modules and disk drives, active disk scrubbing and non-disruptive firmware upgrades
  • Manageable – Delivers a suite of easy-to-use, intelligent storage management features for configuration and administration, partitioning, and dynamic disk expansion. Optional management features provide enhanced data availability via snapshots and virtual disk copies.

Ideal Customer Scenarios

  • Applications typically configured in two node clusters – such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • IT environments that require affordable, high performance and high availability for one or two servers.
  • Mainstream technology buyers who buy SCSI disk drives today

Pricing and Availability

The PowerVault MD3000 is available immediately worldwide with pricing beginning around $6,499. For more information on Dell storage, visit http:///

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