Dell Technologies World 2019: Storage innovations

Dell Technologies World has become one of the go-to events for IT leaders to see the latest technologies and get hands-on experience in a number of workshops. And for the last few years, the company has been following the trend set at other megatech conferences to make huge announcements of their very own. Accordingly, at this year’s Dell Technologies World event, which took place last week in Las Vegas, there were an array of product launches announced to address pressing technology and business challenges. In this article, we will look at new storage innovations that were announced at the event. (We’ll have more to say about other announcements at Dell Technologies World 2019 in future articles, so stay tuned!)

Dell EMC Unity XT

To address one such prevailing issue of data storage and getting the maximum value out of the storage, Dell announced Dell EMC Unity XT. This is the updated, next-generation variant of the previously launched Dell EMC Unity. For the uninitiated, EMC Unity was launched in 2016 and was meant to provide efficient, reliable, and secure data storage options along with powerful monitoring and analytical abilities.

During the launch, the company said that the EMC Unity XT Series comes packed with a best-in-class solution for better performance and greater efficiency, along with new features and capabilities meant to suit the contemporary multicloud environments. The product was unveiled by the company’s vice chairman of products and operations, Jeff Clarke.

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Specifications and features

While the company has not stated the exact specifications and details about the innards of the EMC Unity XT, they have given insight into the device’s abilities in contrast with that of its older predecessor. Dell has designed the Unity XT to improve the level of services offered to customers by powering up the device in all means possible. According to the company, Dell EMC Unity XT is twice as fast as the Dell EMC Unity. They also said that the Unity XT comes with 75 percent better response times while handling up to 52 percent more virtual PCs simultaneously without impacting performance.

The company also detailed that the EMC Unity XT is NVMe (non-volatile memory express) ready, which will boost performance. The device also comes with improved data reduction capabilities and it allows its users to realize up to 5:1 data reduction rates.

Cloud ready

The Dell EMC Unity XT is a cloud-ready storage solution that is built for multicloud environments. The device can allow companies to leverage both on-premises as well as cloud infrastructures. Dell EMC Unity XT can also run in a public cloud and users can easily move data to the cloud. Dell is also offering all these services via Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services.

Price and availability

Dell EMC Unity XT will start shipping later this quarter (end of June) and will be available in both all-flash and hybrid configurations. The pricing of the device has not been disclosed yet.

Dell EMC PowerMax: New updates

Dell’s EMC PowerMax is one of the world’s fastest data storage arrays, which focuses on providing low latency for critical online transactional applications. The device has already bagged numerous awards for its speed and efficiency. The company announced major upgrades to the device at this year’s Dell Technologies World event.

According to Dell, EMC PowerMax will be the first storage solution to come with a true scale-out storage array with Intel Optane DC drives. Thanks to these storage class memory (SCM) drives, the PowerMax with this latest update is expected to cut down latency by up to 50 percent.

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The company also announced that they are going to launch a plugin to provide better automation solutions to its VMware customers. The latest VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in comes with a complete set of work-flows and APIs needed to enhance the automation in operations for VMware users.

The PowerMax is also getting the all-new plugin to support container storage interface (CSI), which was recently finalized as a standard API for container orchestration. This upcoming plugin is expected to be launched this summer and will be able to support all systems from legacy mainframes to the latest containers.


Dell EMC ISILON is one of the industry’s leading scale-out NAS platforms. Meant to handle the data deluge in large unstructured datasets, the ISILON has been helping companies in various domains.

Dell launched the all-new ISILON ONEFS 8.2 to extend the functionalities and help companies with data deluge in analytics and artificial intelligence-based use cases such as autonomous driving cars, health care, entertainment, and more. As per the company, the latest ISILON comes with all new software and hardware innards making it even more powerful and efficient.

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The ISILON OneFS 8.2 provides up to 75 percent greater capacity, performance, and cluster size, which has been increased to 252 nodes from 144 enabling organizations to manage up to 58PB of data with an aggregate throughput of 945GB per second. Like with the EMC Unity XT, the EMC ISILON also comes with multicloud support and works alongside the company’s EMC cloud services.

On top of these announcements, Dell also launched the all-new EMC cloud storage services to extend their services. They offer services including storage, disaster recovery, and analytics. The cloud services will enable customers to extend their on-premises datacenters on the cloud with high-speed, low-latency connection for data exchange with Dell’s EMC Unity, PowerMax, and Isilon.

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