Denying access to a specific webpage(s) using Site and Content rules.

This tutorial will show you how to deny access to a specific website using Site and content rules.

When a client attempts to access internet content via the ISA server, ISA first checks that there are no site and content rules specifically denying the request. Requests are also allowed if the site and content rule allows that client internet access using the protocol defined in the rule.

Before you can configure a site and content rule that denies access to a website a destination set must be configured.

A destination set is a computer name, domain name, website, IP address or IP range that may include or contain paths. Rules can be applied to destination sets and that’s why we will be using them.

Creating  destination set to use in your Site and Content rule.

Click on ISA server click ISA click policy elements right click destination sets click new and then click set.



Your destination set has been created!

Creating a Site and content rule using a destination set to deny a website.

Locate site and content rules under ISA Server, servers & arrays, ISA(the name of the server) Access policy and then site and content rules.

Right click site and content rules and then click new and then click Rule.


Type the name of the rule in the text field provided. Be descriptive as this will help when you have many rules. Then click next.

Click the deny radio button and then click next.

Click the Deny access based on destination radio button then click next.

Select Specified destination set.

Now select your destination set that you created earlier.

Click Next.

Now click finish. You have now created a site and content rule using your destination set that will deny access to

In this tutorial I have shown you how create a destination set. A destination set is a logical grouping of computer names, domain names websites, IP address or IP ranges that may include or contain paths. We then use the destination sets in our site and content rule to block client access to a specific website. The reason for using a destination set when making up a rule is because the designation set can be included in a rule. This rule would be especially useful to you or your organization when you have specifically been requested to deny access to a specific website that is very popular and is consuming a lot of bandwidth, it might be a streaming website (this is a website that contains streaming media content) or it could be a news website. What ever the case, you or your organizationÒsàà management, may decide that you want to deny access to this specific website because it is having a direct impact on your business.

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