Designing seamless Microsoft Exchange deployments across data centers

Designing seamless Microsoft Exchange deployments across data centers is a recently released whitepaper, sponsored by F5 and Dell.

Combining Dell servers and storage, F5 BIG-IP application delivery controllers, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 can help organizations create high-performance, highly available enterprise messaging infrastructures. Figure 1, for example, shows one possible design based on Dell reference architectures for Exchange, illustrating how these components can link two data centers across a WAN while taking advantage of F5 BIG-IP modules to help maximize performance. Dell Services can also work directly with organizations to identify appropriate architectures that can meet the specific needs of their environment while helping simplify deployment and ongoing management (see the “Simplifying Exchange deployment” sidebar in this article). Through this type of design, organizations can create integrated multi-data-center messaging environments while supporting site-to-site failover, simplified disaster recovery, high levels of security, and enhanced performance.


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