Determine Role Needed to Run Specific Exchange Cmdlets

Determine Role Needed to Run Specific Exchange Cmdlets

Have you ever wondered what role(s) an account needs in order to run a particular cmdlet? This is important as most organizations follow the Principle of Least Privilege.

Let us say, for example, that we want a particular account to be able to run the Set-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy cmdlet. What role(s) does that account need?! This is actually simple once we know which cmdlet to use to get this information.

For this example, all we need to run is:

Get-ManagementRoleEntry *\Set-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy


Now we know that in order to run the Set-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy cmdlet, we need to add the Recipient Policies role to the role group of the account we want to give access to.

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