DevOps training: Best online courses to get you started

DevOps is all the rage in the IT industry and there are plenty of job opportunities for qualified candidates. If you wish to establish a career in this booming industry and cement your future as a DevOps engineer, you need to take online courses to grow your knowledge and experience. The greatest benefit of DevOps is that it allows you to deliver improved software and gain better control over your software development process and the environment through the use of modern automation and tools. No wonder the demand for DevOps professionals is on the rise. To become a good DevOps engineer, you must expand your knowledge about various software development tools, and the way to start is with DevOps training courses.

Devops training: A look at some online courses

• Ansible — Hands-on DevOps

Meant for absolute newbies, this is a paid course from Udemy that teaches you the fundamentals of working with Ansible, one of the major DevOps tools for allowing continuous code integration and delivery.

• DevOps Foundation course from LinkedIn Learning

DevOps training

This course, one of many DevOps courses from LinkedIn Learning, is aimed at beginners and provides an overview of the DevOps movement, especially the core value of culture, automation, measurement, and sharing (CAMS). If that’s not all, the course also discusses the different tools and methodologies that are adopted by companies for transitioning to DevOps, all the while adhering to the principles of agile as well as lean project management. The lectures teach candidates about reliability engineering, continuous delivery, and infrastructure automation — topics that further your knowledge of DevOps. The course duration is three hours.

• Google Cloud Platform architecture

DevOps training

You need to get familiar with cloud computing along with the associated infrastructure if you wish to remain one step ahead in the field of DevOps. This course in cloud architecture will allow you to understand the flexible and comprehensive platform and infrastructure services offered by the Google Cloud Platform. Aimed at candidates aspiring to be DevOps Engineer and Cloud Solutions Architect, it helps create new solutions, integrate existing infrastructure and systems with Google Cloud Platform. The course consists of different lectures, exercises, and hands-on labs aimed at offering the opportunity to learn and explore about the different components of the cloud platform, like application services, network, and so on.

• Version Control with Git

This course from Atlassian is a key course aimed at helping beginners understand the workflows that make up the DevOps environment. This course allows you to learn and understand the features and functions of Git for establishing continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, which are necessary for DevOps engineers.

• Complete Jenkins Course for Developers and DevOps

DevOps Training

The Complete Jenkins Course for Developers and DevOps lasts four hours and teaches you all about building an automated CI pipeline with Jenkins. This set of lectures enables you to figure out the concepts of continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous inspection, along with the differences between all three processes.

You will also get the opportunity to work with various tools, including Maven, GitHub, Tomcat, and others. The best part about all this: every aspect of DevOps is covered from scratch, which means the course is suitable for beginners without any experience. At the end of the certification, you will possess in-depth knowledge regarding Jenkins along with advanced DevOps skills, which you can then apply for delivering the finest quality software.

• Docker tutorials for DevOps and developers

You should definitely opt for this certification if you wish to begin developing and deploying web apps with Docker Technologies. Every fundamental concept regarding the subject is covered in these lessons, and there are no specific prerequisites to start this program. You will be taught how to containerize web-based apps using a microservice approach, automate the same with the help of Dockerfile, and so on. Upon completing this tutorial, you will have the knowledge and confidence required to implement the skills learned here in delivering better software and other projects. The duration of this course is three hours.

• Udemy’s Learn DevOps — The complete Kubernetes course

Kubernetes allows you to manage and run containerized apps. This certification helps you understand the basics of building, deploying, using, and maintaining Kubernetes. Aimed mainly at beginners, this program lets you learn all about building applications in containers using Docker and then deploying the same with the Kubernetes cluster. Learn about the different topics in this course through real-life examples that allow you to grasp the techniques needed for working on real-world projects. This course will hold your attention from beginning to end throughout its nine-hour duration. Individual lectures are short and precise, allowing you to grasp the basics quickly without hassle.

• Udemy’s Learn DevOps Infrastructure Automation with Terraform

Automation will play a vital role in future tech. So, if you wish to gain the upper hand in such a scenario, you’ll have to take this course. The Learn DevOps Infrastructure Automation course from Udemy teaches you how to automate your existing infrastructure using Terraform. After learning the fundamentals, you can then proceed to more complex subjects in the field. This course lets to learn hands-on which is going to come in handy when you’re trying to grasp new concepts and cement your understanding of them. The total duration of this course is 6.5 hours.

• Microsoft Professional Certification in DevOps

This edX program provides a flavor of how you must reach out to changing market environments through constant deployment and integration. You are taught about the different techniques to monitor apps, feedback loops, and take care of the customer’s experience and satisfaction. The whole program is broken down into eight courses, and it takes you step-by-step to make you a professional in this field. Created by Microsoft, this certification is created with the focus that it will help candidates soak up the skills required for the DevOps environment at your workplace.

Pick the right course

DevOps training is something you need if you want a fulfilling career in this emerging field. There are plenty of courses available for beginners, but you need to pick the right one to advance your prospects.

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