Network Monitoring

Heroix Longitude

Longitude simplifies IT monitoring – helping IT organizations save time and money. Longitude, an all-inclusive agentless IT monitoring solution, encompasses the entire technology stack: from physical to virtual to cloud, from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to application. The efficiency and intelligence built into Longitude enable better results with less effort, and provides exceptional versatility.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a flow-based bandwidth and traffic analysis tool that helps you monitor bandwidth and analyze the who, when, and what of your network traffic. Bandwidth hogs can bring your network to a standstill; identifying the exact source of a bottleneck in the shortest time possible is critical. NetFlow Analyzer helps you get the visibility into your network that you need to troubleshoot spikes and bandwidth management issues faster.

Exoprise CloudReady

Exoprise CloudReady is the modern platform for monitoring ALL of Office 365 including Exchange, Exchange Online, SharePoint, Teams (video+audio), Skype (video+audio), Azure AD, ADFS and everything-in-between. Proactively monitor, diagnose, and benchmark your applications and networks with unique crowd-sourced data and visualizations. Easily deployed, integrate modern dashboards for all of your applications, services, networks in one location.

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a network performance management tool for service providers and SMEs to manage their IT infrastructure and data centers effortlessly. Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery rules, and intuitive dashboards you to keep your network up and running 24/7. With OpManager’s many contextual integrations, many organization specific Network administration tasks can be streamlined easily.

AdRem NetCrunch Monitoring Suite

NetCrunch is integrated platform built on a premise of modularity. Everything works together and can be enabled/added at any time. You can add more nodes/interfaces or another module when you need it or when your budget is ready.

Spiceworks Network Monitor

Download Spiceworks’ completely free network monitoring software for IT pros in small to medium businesses to manage their networks. This is NOT a free trial, “freemium”, or stripped down version. Spiceworks provides access to the entire software suite whether you’re a one-person operation or you manage 1,000 network devices. And it’s free forever – including live support and all product upgrades!

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is an agentless data security platform that empowers organizations to accurately identify sensitive, regulated and mission-critical information and apply access controls  consistently, regardless of where the information is stored. It enables them to minimize the risk of data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance by proactively reducing the exposure of sensitive data and promptly detecting policy violations and suspicious user behavior.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor runs on a Windows machine within your network, collecting various statistics from the machines, software, and devices which you designate. It can also autodiscover them, helping you map out your network. It also retains the data so you can see historical performance, helping you react to changes.

Exinda Network Orchestrator

Exinda Network Orchestrator was architected to address a new set of problems facing Network Managers. Network Orchestrator empowers IT to ensure reliable performance for network dependent applications, reduce the impact of non-strategic internet traffic, and diagnose and resolve network problems quickly.

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