VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere®, the industry-leading virtualization and cloud platform, is the efficient and secure platform for hybrid clouds, accelerating digital transformation by delivering simple and efficient management at scale, comprehensive built-in security, a universal application platform, and seamless hybrid cloud experience. The result is a scalable, secure infrastructure that provides enhanced application performance and can be the foundation of any cloud.

Microsoft Hyper-V Server

Microsoft Hyper-V Server is a free product that delivers enterprise-class virtualization for your datacenter and hybrid cloud. Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019 provides new and enhanced features that can help you deliver the scale and performance needs of your mission-critical workloads.


Virtuozzo delivers a mix of system containers, hypervisor based on optimized KVM, and software-defined storage. With Virtuozzo, service providers and enterprises can efficiently use existing hardware—at a minimal total cost of ownership—during any part of its lifecycle. Secure by design, Virtuozzo has a 15-year track record in development, and today Virtuozzo powers more than 5 million virtual environments.

Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat® Virtualization is a complete infrastructure solution for virtualized servers and technical workstations. Built on the powerful Red Hat Enterprise Linux® platform, Red Hat Virtualization provides ease of use, agility, and security for virtualized, resource-intensive workloads. It helps organizations optimize their IT infrastructure with better performance, competitive pricing, and a trusted Red Hat environment.

Citrix Hypervisor

Citrix Hypervisor is the complete server virtualization platform from Citrix. The Citrix Hypervisor package contains all you need to create and manage a deployment of virtual x86 computers running on Xen, the open-source paravirtualizing hypervisor with near-native performance. Citrix Hypervisor is optimized for both Windows and Linux virtual servers.

 ISPsystem VMmanager

ISPsystem VMmanager is a complete toolkit for virtual machines management, and VPS provisioning. ISPsystem VMmanager is Based on KVM and OpenVZ virtualization systems.

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