P2V & V2V Conversion

PlateSpin Migrate

PlateSpin Migrate is a powerful multiplatform server portability solution  that automates the process of moving servers over the network between physical systems, virtual hosts, and the cloud. PlateSpin Migrate remotely decouples servers from the underlying platform and streams them to and from physical or virtual hosts and the cloud—all from a single point of control.

PlateSpin Migrate provides service providers, systems integrators, and enterprises with a mature, proven solution for quickly and efficiently migrating large numbers of servers across  infrastructure boundaries, across the data center floor or around the globe.

PARAGON Hard Disk Manager for Business

Hard Disk Manager™ for Business helps organizations build a reliable disaster recovery framework, from storage management to system integrity and data protection.

StarWind V2V Converter

StarWind V2V Converter allows the conversion of VMs from one format to another, basically “cloning” them and keeping the original file intact. Moreover, StarWind V2V Converter makes the conversion of a physical machine to a virtual machine faster without a need to deploy a virtual server from scratch. StarWind V2V Converter is also a convenient tool for the StarWind HyperConverged Appliance users, making a hypervisor switch a very easy task indeed. In case there’s a promising virtualization project without any initial investments, StarWind Virtual SAN Free would come in handy. Along with V2V Converter, it will make the virtualization admin’s life much easier, creating “shared nothing” fault-tolerant SAN on a couple of commodity servers.

VMware vCenter Converter

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone provides an easy-to-use solution that automates the process of creating VMware virtual machines from physical machines (running Windows and Linux) and other virtual machine formats. Through an intuitive wizard-driven interface and a centralized management console, Converter Standalone can quickly and reliably convert multiple local and remote physical machines without any disruptions or downtime.

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