Disable F8 during LTI install (updated)

A helpful reader named Holger Kröber from Germany pointed out to me recently that I had made an error in a Windows Deployment Services tip I had published in the Admin KnowledgeBase on WindowsNetworking.com.  Here is the corrected tip:

Disable F8 during LTI install

MDT 2010 allows you to press F8 during the install process in order to open a WinPE command prompt if this is needed. You might want to disable this functionality however in a production deployment environment to prevent end-users from accidentally interrupting installation.

To disable F8 keypress functionality for MDT, use Notepad to open the the winpeshl.ini file found in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates directory of your MDT 2010 installation and replace /Bootstrap with /BootstrapNoSF8 in these text files.

In a follow-up conversation with Holger on this issue, he shared some additional thoughts on how to quickly enable/disable the F8 key to make it easier to troubleshooting issues with Windows Deployment Services.  He then gave me permission to share his thoughts with other WServerNews readers:

What a shame, that there is no easier solution for this. Sometimes i just want to quickly activate/deactivate the F8 key, e.g. for troubleshooting purposes.

It seems, that every time I want to change it, I have to edit the INI file, then update the deployment-share and then import the generated boot.wim to WDS – by far to many steps I think!

But I’m sure that there is a way to automate that task:

  1. Mount the boot.wim and directly edit the file %mountdir%\Windows\system32\winpeshl.ini
  2. The script should support the activation and deactivation of the F8-key.

Another solution is to completely deactivate the boot.wim and only activate it during deployment phases, thus reducing the number of users that hit the f12-key during the PXE phase and then executing the command prompt (whether F8 or Shift+F10) and compromising the system. E.g. as batch file:

wdsutil /set-image /Image:"Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)" 
/ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x86 /Enabled:Yes
wdsutil /get-image /Image:"Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)"
/ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x86 | find "Status:"

And vice versa:

wdsutil /set-image /Image:"Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)" 
/ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x86 /Enabled:No wdsutil /get-image /Image:"Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)"
/ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x86 | find "Status:"

And if I have finished my script for editing the winpeshl.ini directly in the boot.wim I will let you know!

Cheers, Holger

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