Disk Space Monitoring Tool

How many times you get a support call that a resource is performing very low and after you perform your tests, you find out that this resource is out of disk space!!! As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and automating a prevention mechanism can help you avoid such mishaps. For instance, Netwrix has a freeware product that monitors multiple servers at the same and sends daily alerts of exceeded disk space thresholds to the administrator.

Read more here – http://blog.netwrix.com/2012/05/31/full-featured-netwrix-disk-space-monitor-is-now-100-free-of-charge/

Register and get a copy from here – http://www.netwrix.com/tracking/track.html?campaign=NWX_TECHGENIXfreeCPD_2012_05&spot=DSM&url=requestd.html?product=dsm

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