Displaying DHCP server activity using Netsh

You can use the Netsh command to display statistics for a DHCP server. These statistics are obtained using SNMP and display counts of the number of DHCP discover packets received, DHCP offer packets sent, and other packet stats. The stats also show the uptime of your DHCP server, the number of scopes on the server, the number of leased addresses, the number of available addresses, and so on.

Here's the command and some sample output:

    C:\>netsh dhcp server show mibinfo    
            Discovers = 0.    
            Offers = 0.    
            Requests = 0.    
            Acks = 1.    
            Naks = 0.    
            Declines = 0.    
            Releases = 0.    
            ServerStartTime = Sunday, May 25, 2008 12:38:06 PM    
            Scopes = 1.    
            Subnet =    
                    No. of Addresses in use = 1.    
                    No. of free Addresses = 23.    
                    No. of pending offers = 0.    

This sample command output can also be found in my book Windows Server 2008 Server Core Administrators Pocket Consultant from Microsoft Press.

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