Disrupting The Market – 3rd Generation Backup Appliances

It seems that Unitrends are very proud with their latest products (taken from here):

In 2004, we created the All-in-One, purpose built backup appliance market. In 2009, we changed the way the industry approached the market with our No Limits pricing. In 2015, we’re revolutionizing the market again with the 3rd generation Recovery Series Family.

For our 3rd generation of purpose built backup appliances, we challenged our design team to do more than just create the fastest, most resilient and most affordable backup appliance. We know that isn’t very difficult; however, designing an integrated family of All-in-One purpose build backup appliances, which are uniquely architected to take advantage of the best characteristics of each these qualities, is profoundly difficult.  So our challenge included each of these characteristics, plus:

  • Lower entry level pricing
  • Increased backup capacity…
  • Significantly increased backup performance…
  • Considerably improved recovery time performance…
  • Increased archiving performance…
  • A family of granular capacity options from 1TB to 100TB…
  • World-class industrial design…

The result of our design challenge is the family of 3rd generation Recovery-Series appliances, designed to increase I/O bandwidth, maximize deduplication performance, and manage growing data volumes and tight backup windows.  Combining faster CPU clock speeds, AES-NI hardware encryption, hardware RAID, and the industry’s first use of solid-state drives (SSDs) “as a 2nd-layer read cache, provides remarkable performance including a 300% improvement in backup performance, increasing the amount of data you can protected from 2TB/day to over 6 TB/day, while improving recovery time by 125%.  A highly tuned family of agile purpose build backup appliances that meet the demands of your exact environment, letting you focus on your business, not backup or recovery performance.

These flash-enabled devices are built from the ground up to handle the increasing demands of administrators coping with growing virtual and physical data volumes, faster backup and recovery windows, and the incorporation of the hybrid cloud.

Our engineering team exceeded all the goals with the introduction of the 3rd generation Recovery-Series Purpose Built Backup Appliance, incorporating the industry’s first use of tiered Flash Storage across the family from 1U and above, achieving significantly higher performance, and a new look and feel, while continuing to provide best-in-class price/performance leadership across the entire product family.


If you would like to find out more about about these product make sure to check out this leaflet:



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