Distributing 802.1X Settings to Clients

When implementing 802.1X on your wireless (for WPA/WPA2-Enterprise) or wired network, you’ll probably find it difficult to configure the client settings. End-users can’t just connect or plug into the network; they must preconfigure the authentication settings on their computer or mobile device. However, you can configure these settings for them.

If you run a Windows Server with Active Directory, you may be able to push network profiles to computers belonging to the domain using Group Policy. The netsh command-line tool in Windows Vista and later can also push network settings to users. However, these two methods only work for Windows, and some only select Windows versions.

To support more operating systems and computers belonging to the end-users, you can consider third-party tools. The SU1X 802.1X Configuration Deployment Tool is a free and open source solution. Xpressconnect and Quick1X are commercial options.

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