DNSChanger Deadline Extension!

The request by US government and other authorities to extend the March 8th deadline before shutting down the DNSChanger surrogate servers may not be the best approach to get rid of the DNSChanger Trojan! The extension was requested so that authorities have the time to clean the remaining infected computers rather than having these machines disconnected from the Internet!

The DNSChanger Trojan modifies settings on infected computers which compromises web search results and prevent these machines from visiting security sites that may detect the Trojan. The Internet servers that controlled the whole operation were found to be located in the US while, six men are expected to be extradited from their native Estonia to face charges in the United States.

The deadline extension, if approved by court is seen as unacceptable by many as it shows that many organizations are not prepared or willing to get rid of malware as soon as it infects machines – if organizations do not set internal policies with top priority when it comes to removal and prevention of malware from their networks, then someone has to remind them to do it!!!

Read more – http://krebsonsecurity.com/2012/02/feds-request-dnschanger-deadline-extension/

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