DNSLint can verify DNS records

DNSLint is a command-line Microsoft utility designed to
help you diagnose common DNS name resolution issues. DNSLint can be downloaded
from the Microsoft Download Center. DNSLint has three functions that
verify Domain Name System (DNS) records and generate an HTML report. The three
functions are:

  • dnslint /d: This diagnoses potential causes of “lame
    delegation” and other related DNS problems.
  • dnslint /ql: This verifies a user-defined set of DNS
    records on multiple DNS servers.
  • dnslint /ad: This verifies DNS records specifically
    used for Active Directory replication.
DNSLint syntax is:
dnslint /d domain_name | /ad [LDAP_IP_address] | /ql input_file
[/c [smtp,pop,imap]] [/no_open] [/r report_name]
[/t] [/test_tcp] [/s DNS_IP_address] [/v] [/y]


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