Docker adds Kubernetes support to help orchestrate container workloads

Docker just announced that it will be integrating support for Kubernetes into its platform. With this update, Docker customers and developers will have the option to use both Kubernetes and Swarm to orchestrate container workloads, providing more choices and native features for developers to utilize all within the Docker platform.

Here’s some more information about the integration and what it could mean for users.

Docker support for Kubernetes

Docker adds Kubernetes support

This new integration means that Docker users who have already built services that work on Kubernetes or who want to utilize specific Kubernetes features to schedule and manage containers can now do so within Docker. Docker Enterprise Edition and Docker for Mac and Windows will feature Kubernetes support as an orchestration option, alongside Swarm. So those who prefer or are used to the Swarm functionality can simply continue using Docker and Swarm in the same way they used to.

The Kubernetes version that will be incorporated into the Docker platform is the basic vanilla Kubernetes that users are already familiar with, direct from the CNCF. So it’s the full, updated version that won’t be a fork or wrapped or limited in any way. Basically, those who are already familiar with Kubernetes should be familiar with the experience and satisfied with the functionality of Kubernetes within the Docker platform.

How to use Kubernetes with Docker

Beta versions of both Docker Enterprise and Docker Community Edition for Mac and Windows with Kubernetes support will become available sometime in the next few months. You can sign up to receive a notification when it’s ready so you can use the Beta version. Additionally, Docker will continue to run Swarm as usual, even when the Kubernetes functionality is added. So those who already use Docker and Swarm can continue to use those functions as they normally would without interruption.

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