DockerCon Live 2021: Registration opens for free virtual conference

One of the most anticipated tech gatherings every year is DockerCon. While there will be no in-person “gatherings” at DockerCon Live 2021 because of the pandemic, the container pioneer is set to deliver an exciting all-day online event on May 27 for Docker developers and development teams. And best of all, it’s free.

The event will cover a wide range of topics, with a special focus on container security. Other topics include discussions on the future of container development and a deep dive into the growing trend of running containers without infrastructure.

Docker says it hopes to shatter the boring video conference norm of static lectures with limited interaction. Docker promises to deliver “awesome new features” at DockerCon Live 2021 backed by video technology that will help “speakers and attendees connect, meet, greet, share, and learn from each other.”

In addition to keynote speeches and live panel discussions led by Docker executives and industry experts, DockerCon Live 2021 will feature “community rooms” where virtual attendees from all parts of the world can discuss ideas about Docker in their own languages. There will also be community rooms centered on specific themes. All of this happens in real-time. And as the event will primarily attract attendees from the developer community, expect a lot of discussions and questions on Docker’s new focus of going all-in on enterprise application development.

Other scheduled events and activities include:

  • Latest Docker features and technology updates.
  • Live technical demos.
  • Give-and-take with other developers about how to create cloud-native apps for any cloud environment.
  • Tutorials on getting started with containers.
  • Insights from organizations building next-gen applications with Docker.
  • A look at new tools and partner integration.

You can check out the list of speakers here and the agenda here.

Registration is open now. Click here to register and reserve your spot at the captain’s table.

Featured image: Docker

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