Does Anonymous really plan to bring Facebook down on November 5?

According to a recent report on CNET, “hackivist” group Anonymous announced plans to shut down Facebook on November 5, and is recruiting hackers to join in the effort. A press release purporting to be from Anonymous accused Facebook not just of violating individuals’ privacy but of actually selling information to government agencies. This is, of course, the same group that previously attacked the International Monetary Fund, the Iranian government, and News Corp. An update posted two days ago says the rumors aren’t exactly true, and that while some members of Anonymous want to kill Facebook, others don’t.

Now the Twitter account that Anonymous has used in the past posted a tweet that “absolutely disowns” the Facebook threat:

If your company has invested in a Facebook presence, this issue may be of interest to you. Will someone take down Facebook on November 5? I guess we’ll have to wait almost three months to find out.

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