Does VMware have plans to support Hyper-V and Xen?

VMware’s vSphere 4.1 has some interesting things buried in the codebase that is making some people raise the question of VMware’s plans on supporting multiple hypervisors – specifically, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen. William Lam writes in a recent blog post:

Recently while performing some skunkworks testing in my personal lab, [William] came across a slew of documented and undocumented virtual machine .vmx configuration parameters. Using one of [his] favorite UNIX/Linux utility strings, [he] was able to uncover some interesting things in the /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-vmx binary which is used to load a virtual machines configuration file.

Here are some of the interesting observations:

vSphere is hypervisor aware?

   %s: %s detected by CPUID
   %s: VMware detected
   Microsoft Hyper-V
   %s: Xen detected by hypercall
   Xen detected but hypervisor unrecognized (Xen variant?)

Is this a hint that VMware is going to support other virtual “hypervisors”, specifically Microsoft and Xen?

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