DPM 2007 Configuration Analyzer

DPM 2007 Configuration Analyzer: this is a must-have tool if you’re using Data Protection Manager to backup your Exchange servers.

Brief Description
DPM Configuration Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that verifies configuration settings on your Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.

The DPM Configuration Analyzer (DPMCA) is a diagnostic tool you can use to evaluate important configuration settings on DPM 2007 servers. The tool scans hardware and software configurations of the DPM servers you specify, evaluates them against a set of predefined rules, and provides you with best practice suggestions that can make your DPM experience more optimal.
You can install the DPMCA on any computer, and remotely scan a set of DPM Servers specified, with a specific user credential.
Note: The DPMCA does not duplicate or replace the prerequisite checks performed during the setup of DPM 2007 Server or its components.

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