DPM 2010 Setup Pre-Requisite Checker Tool

The DPM 2010 Setup Pre-Requisite Checker Tool is a tool that helps you ensure that your computer has all the prerequisites required to install DPM 2010, one of the best backup solution for Exchange Server 2003 through 2010.

After you have downloaded the DPM 2010 Prerequisite Checker, you can extract and run the application to check your system readiness for DPM 2010.
Running DPM 2010 Prerequisite Checker
Caution !
The Prerequisite Checker tool will not run if you have a DPM protection agent or DPM Management Shell installed on the computer.

  1. Double-click the self-extractor you downloaded to begin the installation process. The self-extractor will extract the installation files to the disk with the largest amount of free space.
  2. Accept the user license and then click Next.
  3. The tool will now install VCRedist 2008, then enable the PowerShell role and then install .net 3.5 SP1.
  4. The tool will now prompt you for your SQL instance. If you choose the dedicated instance, it will use the instance installed by DPM. If you choose to use an existing instance, you must provide the name of the instance and the user credentials.
  5. The tool will install Doctor Watson.
    The tool installs Dr. Watson even if it exists on your computer.
  6. Checks for Single Instance Store (SIS) and installs it if not already installed on your computer.
  7. Checks for MSI 4.5 and installs it if not already installed on your computer.
  8. Checks for KB 975759 and installs it if not already installed on your computer.
  9. The final step allows you to launch the SQL Server Configuration Checker. If you choose to do so, you must provide the location of the SQL Server setup files.

DPM 2010 Prerequisite Checker Logs: You can find the logs generated by the tool in [system drive]\DPMLogs.

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