DPM Upgrade Advisor

DPM upgrade advisor

If you’re planning the upgrade to the recently released Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010, then you probably should read the DPM 2010 Upgrade Advisor.

DPM 2010 Upgrade advisor addresses questions on how to upgrade DPM versions ranging from DPM 2007 to DPM 2010, running on OS variants from Win2K3 to Win2K8 R2 using local/remote SQL, with or without disaster recovery and library sharing enabled/disabled.

Open the upgrade advisor excel sheet and select your deployment information. Next click on “Generate Upgrade Steps” button to know the upgrade steps. It also helps you plan ahead for approximate downtime and determine the order of steps in secondary protection and library sharing environments. 

Going forward you will be able to perform an in-place upgrade from DPM 2010 RC to DPM 2010 RTM build.

Please use this tool and provide any feedback that you may have so that we can improve it. 

Note: DPM 2010 Upgrade Advisor works with Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. If you see any security warning while opening the excel sheet please enable macro content.

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