Drive-by download attacks – a favorite tactic used by many attackers

According to Microsoft’s Tim Rains, drive-by download attacks continue to be a favorite tactic used by many attackers attempting to compromise large numbers of systems around the world. In his MS Security blog, Tim discusses drive-by download attacks and the need to keep all software up-to-date in an effort to mitigate this type of attack. He refers to information from the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 12 such as, Blacole which is the name given to a family of malware that, when encountered, will use any number of available exploits to compromise a system. It consists of a collection of malicious web pages that contain exploits for vulnerabilities in versions of Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and other popular products and components.

The main recommendation by Tim is to keep all software in your environment up-to-date, not just Windows; assume attackers are targeting vulnerabilities in all prevalent software.

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