DSLReports attacked, subscriber information stolen

DLSReports.com is a popular web site that’s used by many IT pros to keep up with what’s going on in broadband land. It has grown from a site that started out in the 1990s publishing reviews of DSL, satellite and cable Internet Service Providers to a more full featured site that publishes all sorts of news that pertains to high speed Internet services, devices, regulations, etc., now including cellular providers’ 3G and 4G data services, provides tools for testing your line’s performance and quality, and more than two hundred community forums for discussion of these topics. The site boasts over a million registered users.

Last week, subscribers to the site were notified that their email addresses and passwords might have been exposed when the site was targeted in a SQL injection attack on April 27th. The site owners urge members who use the same passwords on other sites to change them. You can find out more here:


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