Dialup Connection to the Internet

Windows95 can be setup to treat a modem like a network board, allowing to use the modem for network related actions, like to connect to the Windows system at home or at work (where a Windows95/98 system or a Windows NT4 (workstation or Server) acts as Dialup-Networking server) or to connect to the largest of all networks: the Internet
First, the basics:

Once the modem has been ‘declared’ to be a Network-board, it is setup and configured in the Control-Panel Network-Applet like any other network-board, setting up the Client, Protocol and adapter-driver.
Since the main activity on the Internet in these days is the “surfing” of the “World Wide Web” (using an Internet Browser like “Netscape Navigator/Communicator” or “Microsoft Internet Explorer“), I like to mention, that such application communicate via the famous “WINSOCK.DLL” with the TCP/IP protocol. And although a basic FTP-support is included in the modern Internet Browsers, special FTP-client (like the “IPSWITCH” WS-FTP32) are still valuable tools.

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White Papers on Network Security :
Log-based intrusion-detection and -analysis in Windows 2000/NT (Short Summary) ( Full article )
Immediate intrusion detection: Catching hackers red-handed on your web server (Short Summary ) ( Full article )

The setup is a lengthy process (it is based on Windows95B/OSR2, but the screens on the previous Windows95 versions are very similar):
Modem Setup
PCMCIA Modem Setup
Install Dialup Networking(updated: Oct.3,98)
Define Dial-Up Connection
Configure Dial-Up Connection
Dial-Up Script Setup
But finally, we are ready to Making a Connection.
A word concerning Modem Connection Speeds.
Please, be aware of Security concerns on Internet connections
If you like to connect MULTIPLE systems via a SINGLE dialup-connection,
the you need a Proxy.
Dialup-Networking does NOT save the Password
Problems browsing the Web
Sharing and Mapping via the Internet
Virtual Private Networks (VPN / PPTP)
Using DCC and DUN at the same time
More information on Dialup-Networking (including connections with Win3.11) is available on the Connect Pages of the Purdue University.
Dial-Up Networking 1.2 / 1.3 Upgrade

If you have the original Windows95 (version of Aug.95) or the OSR2 version, you can upgrade to the same version as on OSR2 by downloading the Upgrade .
To check, whether the Dial-Up Networking 1.2 / 1.3 upgrade is installed on your system:

In the Network-Applet of the
Control-Panel. select “Add“,
Then “Adapter“,”Add” and
check under the Manufacturer
Microsoft“, that it lists:
Microsoft Vitual Private
Network Adapter
( If this entry is NOT shown, then
you do NOT have the DUN 1.2
upgrade installed )

Installation of DUN 1.2 Upgrade
Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Upgrade

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