Dialup-Networking does NOT save the Password

Your systems does NOT save
the Password for Dialup-networking
Connections or the Check-box
is grayed out (not accessible) ?

There are several common causes for this :

Although is is possible to setup/configure a
Connection the the Internet WITHOUT any
Network-Client (because only the Modem/
Dialup-Adapter and the TCP/IP-protocol
are required), it is required to install a
network Client software, like the
Client for Microsoft Networks“.
Installing a Network-Client enables
the possibility to store Network Passwords,
which includes the Dialup-networking
When you get the Login prompt
for a Username/Password, you
MUST select ‘OK’ !
Selecting ‘Cancel’ will disable
the storage of Network Passwords, including the
password of Dialup networking.
You MUST logon: enter the Username (and optional a password)
and select OK !
If you select “
Cancel” (or press the ESC key), then you do NOT logon
and therefor the Password Caching is NOT activated !

You can make it easier to logon:

Select as
Primary Network Logon”
the “Windows Logon”.
Then, define a Username
WITHOUT any password
(just press OK, also on
confirming the Password).
Then, Windows95 will NOT
prompt you anymore for
a Username and password.

If you keep the “Client for Microsoft Networks” as “Primary Network Logon“, you can use TweakUI to automate the Logon-step.

the “Client for Microsoft networks
enables the Password-caching ,
allowing now to put the
Checkmark on “Save Password

All the above is properly installed, you can put the Checkmark on “Save password”, but the password is still not saved:
Did somebody use POLEDIT (Policy Editor) on your system do disable Password Caching (a policy may have downloaded to your system as part of the Logon to a central file-server ) ?

Check your Registry under

Look for the key: “DisablePwdCaching” or “DisablePasswordCaching“.
To enable Password-Caching, set the value to 0 (or delete the key).

If you’re running Windows 95 or Win95 A (OSR1), you may need need the Password List update, available at: http://support.microsoft.com/download/support/mslfiles/MSPWLUPD.EXE
More information on this Password-Problem is available in a Microsoft article:
Check Box Is Unavailable:

The following is a Newsgroups-Posting of “Ron Badour” on this problem:
(microsoft.public.win95.networkingon Dec.28,97)
Numerous problems can cause the dial up networking (DUN) password not to save. They include corrupt password list (.pwl) files, a missing or corrupt network client in DUN, installing Service Pack 1 and not installing the password patch, using user profiles and not using a windows logon password, and using the cancel button to bypass the Windows 95 logon screen. These problems are often related so fix everything at once. Service Pack 1 (if you want it) and the password patch are available from the Microsoft Library at:
If you install Service Pack 1, you must install the password patch since it corrects a bug the pack introduces. Note. The service pack and patch info does not apply to W95 ver 4.00.950b (OSR2).

These knowledge base articles have information about DUN and it problems: Q148925, Password Not Saved; Q135197, Damaged Password List File; Q137361, No Password Save Box; Q141858, No Logon Box Available at Startup; and Q138789, Configuring DUN. They are available at:
http://www.microsoft.com/kb/default.asp .
Save the pertinent ones as text files so they’re handy for correcting problems.
After installing the password patch (if applicable), do a search on *.pwl which is the password list file. You may have more than one if you use user profiles. The file will be username.pwl (mine is Ron.pwl). Delete all username.pwl files (not the Rna.pwl file if you have it) and then reboot. If the logon screen doesn’t appear, see KB article Q141858 for instructions. If you get a logon screen, enter a user name and a password if you use user profiles. If you don’t use profiles, enter a user name but leave the password and the reconfirm boxes blank. A blank password establishes a new .pwl file and precludesthe logon screen from appearing again. Launch your DUN and see if the “save” box is grayed out. If it is, see KB article Q137361 for instructions. If it’s working, enter your ISP password, mark the save box and click the connect button. Let the DUN make an actual connection, disconnect, close down everything, reboot, and then launch DUN to ensure the password will save. If you continue to have problems, consult the remaining KB articles, above. As an alternative, you can use Dunce which is freeware available for download at <http://www.vecdev.com/duncelinks.html>. It remembers your password and does several other DUN chores.
Ron Badour, MS MVP-DTS
Tips: http://lonestar.texas.net/~rwbadour/index.html/
Knowledge Base Info: http://support.microsoft.com/support/a.asp?M=S

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