Easier collaboration with site mailboxes

Are you working in a team that has information interspersed amongst SharePoint document libraries, emails, and message attachments?  If so then you can relate to the problems around keeping your team’s knowledge organized in a centralized location, and trying to comply with your company’s information retention policies. This is a common situation for many teams in organizations large and small. 

With Site Mailboxes for Office 2013, teams can now bring together Exchange emails and SharePoint documents into one single place.  Team members will be able to access all of the content from the team’s SharePoint site as well as Outlook, where the Site Mailbox shows up with all their other folders. 

More info at: http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-outlook/archive/2012/11/07/easier-collaboration-with-site-mailboxes.aspx

Anderson Patricio
Twitter: @apatricio

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