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I have started writing an admin application. Its quite simple in function, but I have designed it to make my life easier when doing mundane tasks. I’ve called it Email Generator v0.1. It allows you to quickly test out connections to exchange servers and populate mailboxes with bulk amounts of email.

The idea was borne out last weekend when I was doing some configuration testing. I needed to create a test environment and populate mailboxes with some data. So I initially designed the tool to send however many emails I wanted to whatever mailboxes on any servers. I got through this quickly and decided to start building in extra functionality to connect via POP3 and get a list of the email headers in the mailbox.

As is always the case, one thing led to another and I kinda got carried away. Now I’ve got a .NET 2.0 windows app designed in Visual Studio 2005 with a great bunch of features. .NET 2.0 has exposed some great features. Specifically the System.Net.Mail namespace, amongst ohers. This means quite complex tasks can be initiated realtively quickly when you know how.

I’ll be rounding out the app this week and I’ll be posting the app free for download by the start of next week. Morfe on Email Generator v0.1 soon……. :

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