EMC to offer vVNX and VIPR Free

EMC recently announced they will be trying something sort of new, at least new to them, with some of their software offerings. They will now be offering the vVNX and VIPR (a basic version) for free to customers. The vVNX is a software version of their mid-market storage array, the VNX. It’s essentially a virtual appliance that lets you fake a storage array to connect your VMs. Obviously there does need to be real storage somewhere, most likely in one of the hosts you’re using. Their VIPR suite is essentially an orchestration tool that allows you to control various storage arrays, but also offers some other infrastructure integration for example with VMware, obviously.

It’s unclear why they’re all of a sudden giving these away for free. Perhaps because most people will only use these things in a lab…at least for now. I’m also not sure VIPR has really done as well as they thought it would originally. Perhaps this will help with adoption. 

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