EMC, VMware, and VCE May Have New Hyper-Converged Solution

EMC, VMware, and VCE, or as I’ll just refer to them from here on out as EMC, has trademarked something called InfraSIM which is apparently going to be a new hyperconverged offering from the companies. In VMware’s recent quarterly earnings they announced that their VSAN product is really coming around and picking up revenue. This may be why they’re trying their hand at yet another hyperconverged solution.

They do have one already, VMware that is, called EVO:RAIL. However, it apparently is not often seen in the wild and it wouldn’t be surprising to me if they ended up giving up on that. However, EMC and VCE obviously have a lot of experience creating hardware. It’s always possible they could be an interrupter in this space. Though, Nutanix and SimpliVity, among others, certainly have a good head start.

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