EMC XtremeIO Upgrade to 3.0 Making Waves

EMC announced recently that in the 3.0 firmware release for their all flash array, XtremeIO, will be a very disruptive upgrade. Basically customers will need to move all their data off the array temporarily while it’s upgraded. There is a lot of speculation as to whether EMC shipped an Alpha product (not yet ready for use in production environments). XtremeIO was acquired by EMC a couple years ago and hasn’t exactly had a stellar reputation. However, we’re assured that the market numbers will reflect the opposite in a recent Speaking in Tech episode with Chad Sakac as the guest.

This upgrade was also discussed at length on a new podcast, In Tech We Trust, which gave many different views from both EMC and non-EMC employees. 

EMC is offering professional services to all who need to go through the upgrade.

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