Emergency Undelete utility for NT

www.execsoft.com has released Emergency Undelete which
you can use to undelete NT files which were accidently deleted in NT. This is
the freeware version of their commercial product. As in all such situations,
time is your enemy. Once the clusters freed up by the deletion are re-allocated
to other files, recovery at the file level can not occur. See their readme.txt
for more details. Very useful utility for the administrators toolbox.

Of great utility to NT administrators is the commercial undelete
utility for file servers. Undelete replaces the recycle bin on your server with
a Recovery Bin that catches all deletions, including those done by remotely
connected users. You can configure the Recovery Bin to include or exclude only
the files, file types, folders or directory trees you’re interested in
protecting and you can set the size of the bin which can thereafter auto-purge
the oldest files when it gets full. Once installed and tweaked, you can forget
about it until you need it. And when its needed, System Admins or help desk
staff with admin privileges can connect to the Recovery Bin on a server from
their desk, view the files in the Recovery Bin and restore deleted files with a
couple of mouse clicks. It takes only seconds instead of hours, plus the all the
work done since the last backup is not lost.

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