Employers ‘right to view job seekers’ Facebook pages

You knew it was bound to come to this: Now potential employers are trying to use social networking to help in the process of vetting potential employees. Of course, anything a person puts out there for the public to view is fair game – but what about wall posts, status updates, photos and chat messages that you thought were private? Can an employer rightfully request that you provide your password, or log onto the account and show him/her what you’ve posted?

Or on the other side of it, what if you’re an IT pro whose boss asks you to hack into the Facebook account of a job applicant?

Can you be fired for what you say on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, even if it’s done while you’re off duty and you’ve restricted who can see the posts?

What should you do to prevent negative career consequences of social networking? (You’ll be happy to know that there’s an app for that).

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