Enable Network Support for the Recycle Bin

By default, when you delete files from shared folders on a network, the files are permanently deleted instead of being sent to the Recycle Bin. Windows doesn’t offer network support for the Recycle Bin. This can be very bad if you accidentally delete the wrong files and need to recover them later.

To get file recovery support for network shares, consider using a Recycle Bin replacement, such as Undelete by Diskeeper Corporation. This also offers protection for removable storage devices, such as flash drives. When Undelete is installed, any files on the local hard and removable drives are protected. Thus if you want to protect each computers’ shared folders, you’d have to buy an Undelete license for each computer. However, to save money, you could use a single PC as the file server. Then you just have to install Undelete on that single machine.

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