Enable Quick Edit Mode in Windows 2000 Command Shell

Quick edit mode allows one to use the mouse to select text, cut, copy and paste
in command shell. This mode is not enabled by default. To control the mode
globally, apply the following Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP registry

Name: QuickEdit
Value: 1 enable quick edit
Value: 0 default – disable quick edit mode

To enable for the current command shell, right-click on the title bar, select
properties, select the options tab and check the QuickEdit
box. Notice that this is also another method to set QuickEdit mode
globally: select Save properities for future windows with same

To copy text into the clipboard, select text with the left mouse button and
press Ctrl-C To paste text into the command box, right click the mouse. If at
the commandline, the command process will try to execute the text.

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