Enabling PPP Logging

If the RAS client attempts a connection that fails, or if the RAS server doesn’t
start, the first place to check is the Event Viewer. By default, all server
errors, connection attempts, disconnects, etc. are logged into the system log.
Check there first–you might be able to determine the trouble simply by taking a
close look at the log.

If a user is having problems being authenticated over PPP, a PPP.log file can
be created to provide debugging information.

Key: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\PPP
Value: 1 standard logging
Value: 2 verbose logging

Another handy tool is the Dial-Up Networking Monitor, which is launched at
the dial-up client and shows the status of a session that’s in progress. This
tool will report information about the amount of data transmitted and received
and the number of errors encountered in transfer. It can also show which lines
are being used for multi-link transmission.

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