ENow Enables Enterprise Email Management for Small & Midsized Businesses at 75% Off

Exchange Online & On-Premises Monitoring & Reporting for SMBs

Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

Keeping email up and running efficiently and securely is as critical to business operations in small and midsized companies as it is in the largest enterprise. Email management leader ENow has just announced a program that makes its highly acclaimed Mailscapeemail management solution available to companies with fewer than 550 email users at 75% off its standard price for a limited time.

Industry Leading Enterprise Email Management

Currently monitoring over 5 million email boxes in more than 50 countries around the world, ENow has been recognized as the industry leader with 17 industry awards and endorsements from numerous messaging and communications experts. This single concise email management tool keeps email systems up and running, avoiding costly downtime and delivering the reports managers need to make email run even better.

Smaller Businesses Moving to the Cloud

“With more small and midsized businesses reducing operating costs by moving to cloud-hosted email services,” explained Michael Van Horenbeeck, Product Director for ENow, “we know our email management solutions must be even more effective managing cloud-based email. Mailscape manages local email servers, hosted Exchange servers, and Office 365 systems as well.”

ENow founder and CEO Jay Gundotra also adds, “We know the challenges small and midsized businesses face. Tight budgets, the need to do more with less for maximum productivity. We understand the life of the Admin as a software company built by Admins for Admins. Mailscape saves them time and money by keeping business communications up and running.”

“Even at our standard price, Mailscape is a very affordable solution,” Gundotra says, “And with this special offer we hope many more smaller companies will see what they’ve been missing!”

Special Pricing… With a Guarantee!

For a limited time, businesses with fewer than 550 email users will enjoy 75% off their online subscription of Mailscape for Exchange or Exchange Online. Since ENow always offers a Free 30-Day Trial, the first 30 days will be at no charge.

With only two clicks required to subscribe and the option to cancel at any time ENow makes it easy to decide, evaluate, and enjoy the benefits of comprehensive email management. So easy that ENow guarantees that all subscribers will be up and running within 90 minutes, and will immediately find at least 3 issues they didn’t know needed to be addressed, or they will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

ENow proudly points out that the monthly investment per user for their comprehensive email management solution is less than you’d pay for a pack of bubble gum. To chew into this offer, subscribe before June 10, 2015!

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