Learn from their examples: 5 companies doing enterprise mobility right

With the cloud gradually becoming a mainstay in the IT industry, a paradigm shift has occurred in the way employees conduct their business activities. Now, more and more individuals are using cloud services and mobile devices to fuel existing business models toward revolutionizing traditional models. As a result, companies are switching over to apps for communication between team members located across geographical boundaries. Given its stake in the success of a firm, enterprise mobility will continue to play a critical part in the ever-expanding mobile workforce. This will also prove beneficial for employee productivity since people will be constantly connected to each other via a host of networks.

Nowadays, office workers enjoy uninterrupted access to key information and this improves their productivity levels drastically. New policies, including bring your own device (BYOD), help improve the morale of the workforce and boost their productivity as well. Given all the impact enterprise mobility has had on companies, they are now free to utilize mobile platforms for developing fresh and innovative business solutions, all the while enjoying solid business benefits.

To know more about enterprise mobility, check out a few unique cases below:

Hero MotoCorp: Mobilizing manufacturing

Most organizations treat mobility as something of a game-changer. Harness the full potential of this technology to streamline different business processes, enhance customer satisfaction and service, and improve employee productivity. These firms intend to promote secure and relevant manufacturing practices while fulfilling growing customer demands.

Take, for instance, the example of Hero MotoCorp, which is the biggest manufacturer of two-wheel vehicles in the world. The company also serves as a spare parts distributor for other partners. Thus, the demand for spare parts is always overwhelming. To meet this demand head-on, the organization released the HGP Touch app. The Hero Genuine Parts Touch application hooks up buyers with the necessary spare parts online. With an inventory of more than 20,000 spare parts, customers now have an opportunity to order the minimum quantity and receive the product right at their doorstep.

TVS Motor Co. also uses enterprise mobility to find those automobiles that had to be recalled because of manufacturing problems. This enables them to recoup some of the costs and enhance productivity over time.

Classle Knowledge: Reshaping the education sector

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Enterprise mobility has made its presence felt acutely in the educational field. Thanks to innovative learning methods, students can now assimilate their lessons faster than ever. Moreover, enterprise mobility has made it possible for students and teachers from two separate locations to get together, irrespective of their time zone differences or geographical background.

The whole learning process has undergone a sea change. One case stands out distinctly – Classle Knowledge. Their app, which already has a user base of 350,000 students and growing, serves as a platform for learners and educators.

Enterprise mobility also helps rural students secure an education from the best teachers who share valuable resources with their pupils, despite many of them not being able to attend a prestigious university or college.

DronaHQ: Improving employee communications

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Timely communication is one of the key issues encountered by firms hiring a wide number of employees. When your employees hail from different parts of the globe, it is important to impart training to each of them without expending the company’s valuable time. However, businesses have experimented with various solutions without attaining a proper result.

One company, however, managed to bypass this problem successfully by introducing an enterprise mobility management platform. Named DronaHQ, this platform helped deliver content to employees at every level from senior management. With a strength of 500-plus employees, all training videos and content are sent to their phones. The company employs communication techniques to make sure every employee is kept in the loop at all times.

Godrej Properties: Making its mark in real estate

Thanks to enterprise mobility, customers of real estate companies interested in viewing the details of homes and properties can now see everything in the corresponding apps. Apps and iPads are the medium of choice for Godrej Properties employees to display properties to prospective parties.

Rather than walk around with a bunch of brochures and prospectuses, realtors can easily carry the same content in their tablets and offer their clients an interactive virtual tour of the building. The app presents updated details about the different properties that have already been sold in the area.

Geojit BNP Paribas: Simplifying financial services

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A nation’s economy hinges on the stable performance of its banks and financial services. Thus, enterprise mobility is an inherent business requirement that enables the financial industry to stay up-to-date with the latest digital transformation news, thereby enabling them to meet client demands more successfully.

Even a couple of years ago, financial and banking services relied on traditional transaction methods, which were slow and cumbersome. However, most of the financial companies have now switched over to newer, shinier technologies that allow them to get the job done smoother, faster, and more efficiently.

Digital is the current in trend in the finance sector, and it is all because of enterprise mobility and big data that businesses are finding it easier to deal with their core business aspects.

Now, mobile transformations are available throughout the world in the form of mobile banking apps, payment portals, websites, and other smartphone compatible solutions. For example, Geojit BNP Paribas used the enterprise solutions to aid their customers in the field of mobile trading. By launching a trading app and platform, the company allowed their customers to watch the market in real time while trading with numerous instruments at the same time. More innovations followed and made the app a resounding success story as well as a blueprint for the rest of the finance sector.

Don’t ignore this enterprise mobility trend

Enterprise mobility has arrived with a resounding bang, and it’s high time industries got used to the idea of developing apps not only for customers but for streamlining the internal processes too. And so far, it bodes well for the market with global enterprise mobility expected to hit $140 million per year by the year 2020.

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  1. Enterprise mobility is not just a trend. Its become need of the hour. With industries going digital, mobility has started playing a vital role in streamlining business processes. From education, banking, manufacturing, and logistic companies are some of the most receptive to the digital era. This reflects in their acceptance of enterprise mobility standards as specified in the article. With time, more and more industries will be accepting this mode of work.

    1. Hello 42Gears,

      Appreciate your comment.

      Yes, the future is bright and exciting, and enterprise mobility is on the way to becoming a core enabler from the IT perspective for companies.

      The time’s near when even SMBs will embrace enterprise mobility because benefits will outweigh investments

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