Entourage for Exchange Web Services Beta

The Office for Mac Team announced this Monday on their blog, that the public beta of Entourage for Exchange Web Services is now live!.

This modification to Entourage allows the program to connect to Exchange 2007 SP1 servers via the Exchange Web Services (EWS) format instead of WebDAV, for better compatibility, performance and reliability.

The update offers performance improvements to e-mail and calendaring; synchronization for tasks, notes and categories, and Autodiscovery. These improvements represent a critical step in the Macintosh Business Unit’s long-term commitment to deliver Microsoft software and services across platforms that helps people work smarter, faster, and better with greater choice and flexibility.

Some highlights from the new and improved Entourage for Exchange Web Services:

  • Enhanced Autodiscover service to keep user account settings up to date after the account setup.
  • Synchronization between Exchange Server and Entourage 2008 Notes, Tasks, and Categories.
  • Addition of an Enable Logging (troubleshooting) preference, to log all events that can be used as diagnostic information.
  • Use of attachments in Entourage for Exchange calendar events.

To apply for the Entourage for Exchange Web Services beta, you must meet the minimum Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 with Update Rollup 4 requirements (see right). If you do, click here to apply.

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