eShare by Procare, simple sharing and Bittorrent client device

Procare, a Taiwanese company is offering eShare, a simple sharing device for USB hard drives.

eShare lets you do 24/7 non-stop sharing while freeing up your computer for other purposes. You can utilize the latest P2P technology “Bit-Torrent” to download and share your favourite multimedia files. eShare’s intelligent concept lets you backup any files into your HDD, and to share them with family and friends – all without using your computer constantly. So start sharing, just plug in eshare…


– One click BitTorrent file download from your PC

– No need to leave your computer on anymore

– Free from virus and hacker attack

– Supports 2.5/3.5 HDD storage via USB port

– Supporting FAT32 format, share your HDD between your PC and your eShare

– Web interface for easy navigation & control

– Built in password security access

– Customizable community membership with secure media sharing

– One touch personal media backup

– Direct access to HDD via Windows Network Neighborhood

It is a pretty interesting device for everyone who needs to share info on the network and it is great to offload your PC from BitTorrent traffic. It is also great for those cases when IT departments have to distribute patches via BitTorrent.


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