Exchange 2007 Cross Org Mailbox Migration

Paul MacKnight has written a post about cross organization move mailboxes in Exchange Server 2007.

Cross-org Mailbox Moves

Cross Org migrations are the ones where a mailbox needs to be moved from one Exchange Organization to another. Since there can only be one Exchange Organization per Forest, that means moving the mailbox between two different Forests.

Exchange Migration Wizard was used to perform this task in Exchange 2003. Exchange 2007 has incorporated Cross Org migrations into the server code base, so now Administrators can perform these moves by using the same task used for Intra Org migrations: Move-mailbox.

The following versions are supported for this kind of move:

Source Server:

  • Exchange 2000 SP3 (or later)
  • Exchange 2003 SP1 (or later)
  • Exchange 2007

Target Server:

  • Exchange 2003 SP1 (or later)
  • Exchange 2007

Exchange Permission requirements:

  • Logon account for the user who is running Move-Mailbox needs to be a granted the “Exchange Recipient Administrators” role for Source and Target Forests and “Exchange Servers” role for both source and target Server. Permissions for legacy Exchange Servers remain the same as they were for Exchange 2003 Migration Wizard.

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