Exchange 2007 migration whitepaper

A Better Way to Migrate: The Case for Archiving Before Migrating to Exchange 2007 is a whitepaper written by Devin L. Ganger, Exchange MVP, 3Sharp, LLC.

Learn how to:

  • Improve your Exchange 2007 migration planning
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time required to migrate
  • Improve the stability of Exchange after the migration
  • Mitigate risk to your end users

Using a traditional migration strategy presents many potential roadblocks due in part to the increasing amount of data stored in mailboxes. Moving this data from the current messaging system –whether it’s a previous version of Exchange, Novell GroupWise or another SMTP solution– to Exchange 2007 can take a significant amount of time and invite a number of risks.

This white paper discusses those risks in depth, then offers an alternative strategy for addressing them, as well as simplifying your migration: archiving email before you begin. The significant advantages this approach offers will also be explored.

This withepaper is sponsored by Quest and it focus on Quest Archive Manager. You can get it for free here (registration required).

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