Exchange 2013 Edge BypassedRecipients

On Edge Transport servers, IP Block list providers are used by the Connection Filtering agent, which acts on the IP address of the incoming SMTP connection to determine what action, if any, to take on an incoming message.

The Get-IPBlockListProvidersConfig cmdlet is used to view the settings that affect all IP Block list providers that are configured on an Edge Transport server. When running this cmdlet, there is a property called BypassedRecipients:


The BypassedRecipients parameter specifies the e-mail addresses of internal recipients that are exempted from filtering by IP Block list providers.

If we want to configure connection filtering to bypass filtering for e-mails sent to [email protected], we run the following cmdlet:

Set-IPBlockListProvidersConfig -BypassedRecipients [email protected]

We can easily add multiple values and overwrite any existing entries by using the following syntax: <email1>,<email2>,…

To add or remove one or more values without affecting any existing entries, we can use the following syntax:

@{Add=”<email1>”,”<email2>”,...; Remove=”<email3>”}

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