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As you may know Exchange Connections 2006 in Orlando took place this week. If you didn’t attend or at least didn’t attend one of Paul Robichaux’s sessions, then you might want to checkout the slides from each session, which he just uploaded to his blog.

  • EXC04, Cookbook Reloaded: Cool Exchange Scripting with Monad: a 200-level introduction to the new Monad shell and how you can use it with both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 12.
  • EXC10, Improving Your Message Security: an overview of what CIA really means and how to get better confidentiality and integrity for your Exchange environment. One slide on E12 security features.
  • EXC17, Using Continuous Backup: coverage of storage- and host-based continuous backup solutions for Exchange, including a discussion of local continuous replication (LCR) and clustered continuous replication (CCR) in Exchange 12.
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