Exchange Group Calendar

Exchange Group Calendar is a nifty little application which provides easy collaboration.

. Nothing to install on the workstations.
. Automatic instant processing of new, changed or deleted items in users personal calendars.
. Real time processing without synchronisation problems.
. Works with calendars from Outlook / Web Access / Entourage / BES / PDA …
. Native Exchange Server and Active Directory integration using only the power of Exchange server.
. Safe server processing control (com+)
. Full native Outlook / Exchange resync when disconnected laptop users reconnect.
. 3 years of free phone/email support and free updates. No yearly fees.
. Reschedule appointments in the groupcalendars and the changes replicate back to the owner of the item.

3 steps, that’s all you need to use your sophisticated Exchange 2000 or 2003 server for what it was designed to do: Easy Collaboration. Some or all appointments created by the users in their personal calendars will instantly become visible in one or more Exchange Public Calendar folders. Fully automatic in real time!

Exchange GroupCalendar enables you to create a large number of public GroupCalendars. They will display only the type of calendar information you need, formatted the way you want, with the exact user permissions your users need. Ever wanted to see all resources (meeting rooms, equipment) in one calendar? .. Now you can! 

Why Exchange GroupCalendar ?
The program is none intrusive, doesn’t require another server  – as many other group calendar softwares require a SQL server, and it’s very small. 

Read more and download a trial here.

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