Exchange Message Queue RiskLevel

When using the Get-Queue cmdlet to view configuration information for queues on Exchange servers, several properties are available for each queue such as DeliveryType, NextHopDomain, Status, MessageCount, LastError, Velocity, RetryCount, and many, many more.

Some of these properties have already been discussed in articles and/or tips such as Exchange 2013 Queue Velocity. Another interesting one is RiskLevel:


So what is this Risk Level property? Well, according to the Queue filters TechNet article, “this property is reserved for internal Microsoft use, and isn’t used in on-premises Exchange 2013 organizations.” As such, I am assuming on-premises customers do not need to worry about this. But just for information, according to the MSDN RiskLevel enumeration webpage, this property has four possible values:

    • Normal: The associated message is normal risk.
    • Bulk: The associated message is part of a bulk mailing.
    • High: The associated message is high risk.
    • Low: The associated message is low risk.


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