Exchange Migration: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail

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describe the imageMicrosoft Exchange migrations can be complex affairs and it pays to have the right combination of tools to help assure the success of these critical endeavours. The new technology and sales partnership of GSX Solutions with Exchange migration experts Priasoft improves the troubleshooting quality of service issues before, during and after complex migrations.

Priasoft’s Exchange Migration Suite is the fastest and most reliable on the market and, like GSX Monitor & Analyzer, its agentless operation has no impact on the Exchange environment itself. GSX Monitor & Analyzer, in combination with the Priasoft unique dry-run feature, gives customers the critical metrics they need to identify issues at every step along the way, from planning to final migration.

GSX complements Priasoft’s customer needs in tracking key success indicators throughout complex Exchange migrations, including:

  • Readiness assessment with accurate metrics of availability, performance and usage;
  • Pre-migration checks that detect any performance or latency problems at critical customer locations prior to migration;
  • Fix latency issues before, during and after migration.

Very often, transitional projects like an Exchange migration have a sense of “the unknown is unknown.” Those with prior experience can more easily introduce topics that can influence success than those who have never before performed a migration. With two migration pros onboard, enterprises now have a killer tool combo at their disposal.

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