Exchange Public Folders vs SharePoint: The Battle

Community Day is an event organized by 9 Belgian tecnhical groups: Belgian Dynamics Community, Biwug, IT-Talks, Pro-Exchange, SCUG, SQLUG, Visug, Winsec, and XNAbug.

From all the great technical content, I would like to highlight a presentation made by Ilse Van Criekinge and Joris Poelmans, which is now available at TechNet Chopsticks:

Recorded at Community Day 2008, this session will first give an overview of Exchange Public Folders and what Microsoft is planning with Public Folders. After that we will dive into wheather or not SharePoint is a possible replacement for Public Folders and if it can enhance the features provided by Public Folders. Session is based on real life scenarios.

The Powerpoint deck is available to download here.

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